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This spray has a warm and fragrant scent that will hug you and bring self-love into you!

Choose between 30ml and 50ml options!


the warming and sensual notes of cinnamon, rose, clary sage, neroli, and ylang ylang are combined with a powerful tincture of motherwort a deeply loving Plant Spirit.


This spray is also great for inviting more happiness within! 


Use this spray while meditating, before going out or at any time you want to invite more self love into your life!


The spray is charged by crystals inside each bottle, each bottle is also charged with extra Reiki energy specifically for you after you purchase it making this uniquely yours!

The Reiki energy for this specific spray is one to call in self-love and power.


Have you used your spray and want another one? If you give back your spray bottle you will receive a 25% discount. This is valid only for using the same spray bottle that you bought from Sacred Wise Magick.



Self Love Spray


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