Be your Own Oracle

Are you ready to feel truly connected to your readings?

Are you ready to fully trust your intuition?

Are you ready to connect deeper with your Spirit Guides?

If you answered yes or if these questions sparked a curiosity in you, keep reading!

Join me on the transformational journey of Oracle Inner Wisdom.
Oracle Inner Wisdom
is a 5-week long journey of deep healing.

Each week we will be focusing on connecting deeper with ourselves.

If you struggle with trusting your intuition or feel your intuition blocked this is the journey for you!

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Be your Own Oracle

I have been reading Oracle cards and Tarot for at least 25 years for myself and 18 of those years for others it has been such a powerful journey and I want to share my tips with you!

Connecting with Oracle and Tarot can truly help find out more about a situation, discover a path that you weren't considering, and reassure you on your path.

If you are not used to fully listening to your intuition this journey can be a powerful way to listen fully with the help of the Oracle cards.

This isn't a journey just on how to read Oracle cards, this goes so much deeper.

Find out below what this 5 week journey includes


My Reiki session with Desiree was wonderful. Listening to her soothing guidance and background music allowed me to relax and enjoy the flow of energy through my body.

It felt like conscious dozing off and I marvelled at how held - I felt like there was a large hand holding all of my body (I wasn't small - the hand was big!).

The time for questions and her thoughtful recommendations afterwards were also very helpful. I would absolutely recommend working with Desiree.


Pamela, C - Barcelona


I've recently had 4 Reiki Distant Healing sessions with Desiree and let me tell you..wow!! It was such an amazing experience.

With her caring and patience Desiree guided me throughout my healing process, the sessions were intense and I went through a variety of emotions, I faced my fears and blockages feeling more and more powerful, peaceful, healed. I'll be definitely booking other sessions soon.

Martina, O - Italy

My session with Desiree was magical. I had never experienced reiki before but found the session to be subtle yet powerful.

As I was listening to her voice and the music, I could feel shifts happening in my body. Places of tension softened, and everything began to feel more open.

After the session when she pointed out the areas in which she saw the stagnant energy, I was delighted to realize that was exactly where I felt the energy moving. In the days after the session, I felt some heavy emotions but it felt like it was all a part of the release. The whole experience was beautiful and Desiree's presence is so soothing and delightful. I cannot recommend a session enough!

Chelsea, N - UK

5-week transformational journey

during this journey, we will focus on connecting with your intuition, connecting with your Spirit Guides, and deeply connecting with Oracle cards.

What is included in this journey

  • Weekly Zoom live Circle with meditation, oracle exploration and energy healing.

  • weekly journaling prompts for self-discovery 

  • weekly distant Reiki Healing

  • lectures on discovering the world of Oracle

  • Q&A on how to choose the best Oracle deck

  • Information on how to bond and cleanse your deck

  • Recorded mediation journeys to help with the journaling

  • Zoom Circle to integrate the learning

  • Group readings

  • Online group support

  • One free 30min Personal Reading 

I am ready to join!