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Energy Healing

Through studying energy healing for many years, I discovered two modalities of energy that really resonated with me and created massive shifts in my own life, Reiki and Sekhem.

Energy healing is a gentle and powerful complementary therapy, a safe method of spiritual healing, that helps releasing what is stuck within us on an emotional, energetic and mental way.

Reiki works on our life force energy and its disruptions that can happen because of negative thoughts our feelings which can create a blockage in the energy and create stagnant energy within us which as a result prevents the optimal function of our body.

Sekhem is ancient, it's Egyptian energy healing it is powerful it is fire, it creates powerful shifts within us allowing us to really step into new shifts in our life, this type of energy healing was used in the temples in ancient Kemet (Egypt).

Reiki and Sekhem flow through the affected areas charging them with positive energy clearing the blockages allowing for your life force energy to flow interrupted again, both energies are only called in for your greatest good.

Energy Healing can help you with relief of tension, balancing your energy and body, pain relief, stress and anxiety, grief, strengthening your immune system, relax.

By choosing me as your energy healer, you are in the hands of someone with years of experience working with Clients and creating safe spaces.

I am certified in both Reiki and Sekhem at an advance level

Are you ready to experience Energy healing?

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My Reiki session with Desiree was wonderful. Listening to her soothing guidance and background music allowed me to relax and enjoy the flow of energy through my body.

It felt like conscious dozing off and I marvelled at how held - I felt like there was a large hand holding all of my body (I wasn't small - the hand was big!).

The time for questions and her thoughtful recommendations afterwards were also very helpful. I would absolutely recommend working with Desiree.


Pamela, C - Barcelona


I've recently had 4 Reiki Distant Healing sessions with Desiree and let me tell!! It was such an amazing experience.

With her caring and patience Desiree guided me throughout my healing process, the sessions were intense and I went through a variety of emotions, I faced my fears and blockages feeling more and more powerful, peaceful, healed. I'll be definitely booking other sessions soon.

Martina, O - Italy

My session with Desiree was magical. I had never experienced reiki before but found the session to be subtle yet powerful.

As I was listening to her voice and the music, I could feel shifts happening in my body. Places of tension softened, and everything began to feel more open.

After the session when she pointed out the areas in which she saw the stagnant energy, I was delighted to realize that was exactly where I felt the energy moving. In the days after the session, I felt some heavy emotions but it felt like it was all a part of the release. The whole experience was beautiful and Desiree's presence is so soothing and delightful. I cannot recommend a session enough!

Chelsea, N - UK

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