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Embrace Your Inner Witch: Summer Solstice Retreat

17-21 of June - Cornwall

Can you feel the calling of the magick within you calling you to embrace your power?

Lets gather together under the energy of the Summer Solstice, Litha the celebration of summer, of light, and the fire within us.

We will be journeying in the powerful land of Cornwall, a land that holds many energies of magick and healing in a beautiful retreat space with all the elements around us: water from the sea, air from the breeze, earth from the plants and trees, fire from our fire space.

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Embrace the magick Within you

Embrace the magick within you by by calling in your full power at one of the most powerful times of the year when the earth fully blooms inviting you to bloom too!

Heal the witches wound within you that has made you play small or not embrace your full potential.

This retreat has been formed with the desire to help awaken your inner witch, empower your spirit, and deepen your connection to nature.


What Awaits You:

Meditations and Energy healing

to deepen your connection with your power and release anything stuck within us that no longer serves us

Fire Rituals

To call in transformation within us and rituals for abundance

Divination & Tarot Readings

Explore your own intuition by discovering the powerful tools of divination like tarot, oracle, pendulums and more to receive deep guidance to guide you for months to come

Workshops & Rituals

Engage in workshops on herbal magick, spell crafting, and manifesting your desires to create positive change in your life.

Nature Immersion

Cornwall's rugged coastline, ancient forests, and mystical sites provide the perfect backdrop for our journey. Connect with the land, the spirits of the ancestors, and the elemental forces that surround us.

Heal the Witch's Wound This retreat is a safe space to explore and heal the wounds that have kept you from fully embracing your power. Release the fears, doubts, and limitations that no longer serve you, and step into your sovereignty as a witch.

Nourishment Delight in delicious, vegetarian and vegan meals that nourish both body and soul, drink nourishing herbal infusions and other potions.

Your chance of relaxation and transformation

What is included:

Accommodation in a beautiful retreat space in Cornwall in either Yurts or dormitory barn

Nourishing meals with locally sourced ingredients as well as foraged

All activities + Materials + Ceremonies

Hot tub

Herbal infusions

Materials to make rituals to take home

This retreat offers you:

4 nights in a beautiful accommodation in Cornwall

  • delicious nourishing meals - with locally sourced ingredients, as well as foraged, plus delicious snacks, herbal teas and access to healing tinctures.

  • an opportunity to be held in a safe space while you reconnect with yourself and your spiritual side.

  • Morning journaling and Oracle message to start the day right

  • Fire Ceremony to burn away what you no longer need

  • Hot tub

  • Optional Wild swimming

  • Free time for exploring and integration

  • Workshops on divination, herbal uses in magick, rituals, aromatherapy,

  • Option to book private energy healing, Tarot & Oracle


Contact me below for more info




Your chance of relaxation and transformation

Choose between some beautiful yurts or rooms whether you are coming solo or with a friend/partner you will leave being part of a supportive community


Optional rooms available prices starting from £650

4 nights in a beautiful Retreat Space in Cornwall 

Yurt Single bed 
Yurt Double bed 

Dormitory 4 people

Double bedroom in barn

Twin bedroom in barn

Early Bird Price is available right now

Payment plans available 


Click below for more info and to reserve your spot


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You will be Journeying with Desiree Witch, Shamanic Practitioner, Energy Healer, and Sacred Facilitator that will guide your through sacred ceremonies, connecting with Plants and making your own herbal remed

This retreat has been the most transformative experience I have had. The environment and scenery was beautiful. Activities that were held throughout the day helped me to heal parts of myself and create a deeper awareness of my identity.
The space felt so welcoming and safe and the food was delicious


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