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Welcome my Beloved

I invite you to join me in embracing your unique Magick!
Here I can help you find answers through tarot and oracle cards, release energy blocks with Reiki, nourish your body and soul with natural remedies and Plant Spirit medicine, and hold space for you in our Sacred Circles!


A long journey back to my Magick

Do you still remember when as a child you used to play in a garden making potions, connecting with Mother Nature and being fully present?
Why did we ever stop being fully present, fully ourselves?

My Journey back to myself and my magick started with my Spiritual awakening, I learned to trust my intuition, to embrace my Magick and my feminine power through pain and joy.

And when I was ready...I started helping others facing the same situations

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Book your free discovery call

Are you interested to find more about how we can work together? Book your complimentary session to find out more about how I can help you access your magick, wether that's through Reiki, Oracle Readings, Shamanic Healing, Womb Healing and more!
I will guide you through a free meditation and you will receive a one card oracle reading.


Women Circle Sacred Wise Magick

Women Circle

​A Sacred Healing Space

Join me with other beautiful women in holding a healing space for each other and be guided by the energy of the New and Full moon through meditation, gratitude ritual and journaling

These sessions have limited spaces available to honour everyone's energy