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Don't you just wish you could spray some good luck on yourself? Well now you can!

This powerful spell mixes oils, magick, energy and herbs to create a pure intention and energy of luck!


Not only does it smell so delicious it also transports you into an energy of deserving good things, use mantras of good luck or affirmations of luck to help you even deeper.


The sweet and spicy notes of cinnamon connect you with luck energy together with essential oils of myrrh, bay leave, rose, patchouli, mint, bergamot and orange blossom water with a handcrafted tincture of motherwort a powerful plant spirit that brings in deep love and support.


Use this spray while meditating, before going out to bless a space with good luck, or shift the energy within you and around you.


The spray is charged by crystals inside each bottle, each bottle is also charged with extra Reiki energy specifically for you after you purchase it making this uniquely yours!


The Reiki energy for this specific spray is one to call in self love, gratitude and power.


Have you used your spray and want another one? If you give back your spray bottle you will receive a 25% discount. This is valid only for using the same spray bottle that you bought from Sacred Wise Magick.



Good Luck Spray


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