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Cleanse your home space and your ceremonies with this all natural herbal and resin loose incense! Use a pinch on the charcoal disk to cleanse the space and yourself from any stuck or negative energies.


DISCLAIMER - Please do not use the charcoal disks directly on a surface, use a fireproof dish or something specifically for a charcoal disk, make your own research before using charcoal disks and do not leave them unattended.

This herbal blend comes with the collaboration of the beautiful plants that are abundant in the Hackney Herbal garden in London

Find out more about this amazing social enterprise that promotes well-being through herbs at


The herbs in this fragrant and cleansing loose incense are


🌿 Mugwort

🌿 Lavender

🌿 Rosemary

🌿 Sage

🌿 Mullein

🌿 Bay leaf


All these herbs are abundant in the Hackney Herbal garden and have been harvested from there if they were in season or selected from organic herb farms.

The resins in this incense are 

🌿 Guggal

🌿 Copal


Included in the kit are 3 free charcoal disks for you to use.

This blend has been used in various ceremonies and at the Hackney Herbal garden for its lovely and relaxing sent.

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Hackney Herbal loose Incense


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