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After so many requests from everyone coming to my Ceremonies and experiencing the Cleansing Energy is finally here! Choose between 30ml and 50ml option!


This spray is a powerful way to cleanse yourself, your ritual tools, and the space from any negative energy! The herbs in this spray have always been used to bring calmness, cleanse negativity and protect your energy.


Do you feel everyone's energy attaching to you? This spray is for you!


A lovely scent of lavender, frankincense, and rosemary essential oils combined with two powerful tinctures or rosemary and sage that I created.


The spray is charged by crystals that are inside each bottle, each bottle is also charged with extra Reiki energy specifically for you after you purchase it making this uniquely yours!


Have you used your spray and want another one? If you give back your spray bottle you will receive a 25% discount. This is valid only for using the same spray bottle that you bought from Sacred Wise Magick.



Cleansing Energy Spray


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