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Why we need Women Circles now more than ever

Imagine a world were, women are not one against each other, where we can all fourish without jealousy where we can be happy for each other's success.

This world is very possible but it can only happen if we create more spaces in which you can come to be just as you are, perfectly you just as you are because you are unique!

My Journey into Women Circles started with me attending one, from who ended being on of my teachers later on.

I arrived there, nervous thinking I would be judged, and thinking who am I to go to something like this? As soon as I arrived though, I could feel the same nervous and excited energy from every woman that was there and something clicked we were all feeling the same and had the same worries!

And the the magick that happens in a Women Circle started, we connected, we cried and we laughed and we all felt connected in sisterhood as if I had known all these women forever instead of just a bit over an hour.

When we embrace this energy and bathe in it we heal ourselves and our relationships with other women.

So my wish for you is to join these healing spaces so you can heal yourself and the women that will come after you.

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