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A hard truth on Manifesting

I have to share a hard truth when it comes to manifesting...sometimes we are the ones blocking our own power to manifest! Today marks the New Moon and wanted to share this message to help you with your intentions for this next cycle.

Have you ever noticed that you can attract in your life small things easily? Receiving a small amount of money, flowers, a present, an empty seat on the super busy tube?

These things are easy because you just believe that you can get it and you release any fear or worry around it. However, when it comes to the big things, to your biggest dreams you send out your wishes and then spend the time in fear and convincing yourself to give up or that you don't truly deserve your dreams.

Sounds Familiar? Without a deeper journey into shadow work and releasing all the fears and most importantly starting to believe that you deserve all that you wish for, you may never manifest those big dreams because you will always stop your blessings.


But I also had to come to terms that I was blocking my own blessings sooo much! So let me help you release all your blocks that are in your way right now.

manifesting your dreams with magic

Join me in the month of March (the beginning of the actual natural new year) to fully set your intentions and manifest your dreams.

For years I have shared very little of my manifesting rituals and spells so now is your time to join me for a whole powerful month we we co create our dreams!

This journey is so much more than manifesting, we will be working deeply on those limiting beliefs, allowing yourself to be fully seen and honoured, we will work on inviting in the blessing and finally believing that we deserve them.

7 people have already booked in and I know that deep down if you are still reading this you also want to join! You deserve to join that is why this journey other practitioners that would include a lot less would market it at hundreds if not thousands, but I truly wished for you all to join with me.

Book in now for your discounted price and reach out for a payment plan if that is easier!

It's likely that I will only do this journey ONCE this year

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