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Shamanic Womb Healing - Connecting to your Sacred Space

What comes to your mind when you think of your Womb?

Do you Feel connected to your it?

Our Womb is a powerful sacred space that we deserve connecting more to!

On a physical level we are used of thinking of the womb as that space that can contain a life, it's the place we all come from.

But the Womb is so much more! In this Sacred Space we connect to our creativity, our power and our true desires, the more connected we are with our womb the more in power we feel.

This Space can also easily become full of stuck energy or stuck emotions and trauma, it is a space where we tend to store a lot of all the above so it's important that we take care and give it love.

With my Shamanic Womb Healing Session this Sunday, we will connect deeper into our Womb, release any stuck energy and receive energy healing.

You will also receive a special womb healing tea blend to take home and an infused herbal oil for a womb massage!

This will be a Sacred Safe Circle to connect with each other share our pains, our desires, and our disconnection or connection to our womb, cycle, and periods.

I invite you to join me! I normally only offer this session privately but it will be amazing to share this space with community!

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