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The Magick of Winter: Winter Solstice Retreat

19-22 of December - Glastonbury

Can you feel the calling of the portal of the winter to celebrate the Winter Solstice and connect with magick of Winter?

Lets gather together under the energy of the Winter Solstice, Yule the celebration of Winter, rest, the fire of resilience and power within us.

We will be journeying in the powerful and magical land of Glastonbury also called Avalon, this land has so many sacred spaces that are waiting for your arrival to bring you deep healing and initiations to help you reconnect with who you truly are.


Get ready to journey within your own magick as you connect with this sacred land and it's healing waters

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Winter Solstice Retreat Glastonbury
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Embrace the magick of Winter

We have long forgotten how to live cyclical with nature and this retreat will be a learning to connect with the deep self care and relaxation for our nervous system.


This is a time to embrace the magick within you by by protection your fire through the winter by learning incredible tools to keep your immune system strong, your nervous system relaxed and your body and soul truly nourished.


This retreat will help you embrace the darkness of the night as through it comes the light and that's where your full power awaits you.

At one of the most powerful times of the year I invite you to join to embrace your shadow self and your light self to become fully YOU.

What Awaits You:

Discovery of Sacred Spaces 

Discover the Magick within you

Deepen your connection with your power and release anything stuck within us that no longer serves us

Fire Rituals

Yule Celebrations

Divination & Tarot Readings

Explore your own intuition by discovering the powerful tools of divination like tarot, oracle, pendulums and more to receive deep guidance to guide you for months to come

Workshops & Rituals

Engage in workshops on herbal magick, spell crafting, and herbal medicine.

Sacred Spaces

Let nature be the one to initiate you to the healing of Sacred Avalon, discover the healing waters at the Chalice Well that will heal your body, discover the Goddess Temple that will connect you to the Goddess of Nature, Celebrate the Winter Solstice by pilgrimage up the Tor.

All in a small town where everyone is witches and spiritual people, find yourself in a space where you can truly be YOU.

Your chance of relaxation and transformation

What is included:

Accommodation in a beautiful retreat house in the centre of Glastonbury in either Twin beds, Double Bed or Sofa Bed.

Nourishing meals with locally sourced ingredients vegetarian or vegan.

All activities + Materials + Ceremonies

Herbal infusions

Materials to make rituals to take home

This retreat offers you:

3 nights in the magical Avalon

  • delicious nourishing meals (Breakfast and Dinner plus delicious snacks) herbal teas and access to healing tinctures.

  • an opportunity to be held in a safe space while you reconnect with yourself and your spiritual side.

  • Morning journaling and Oracle message to start the day.

  • Fire Ceremony to burn away what you no longer need

  • Exploring Sacred Spaces

  • Free time to explore this witchy town

  • Pilgrimage to the Tor as a community

  • Workshops on divination, herbal uses in magick, rituals, aromatherapy,

  • Option to book private energy healing, Tarot & Oracle


Contact me below for more info


Image by Nik


Your chance of relaxation and transformation

Choose between twin rooms, double room, or sofa bed whether you are coming solo or with a friend/partner you will leave being part of a supportive community


Rooms available prices starting from £750

3 nights in a beautiful Retreat home in Glastonbury


Early Bird Price is available right now 


Payment plans available 


Click below for more info and to reserve your spot


Glastonbury Winter Solstice Retreat


You will be Journeying with Desiree Witch, Shamanic Practitioner, Energy Healer, and Sacred Facilitator that will guide you through sacred ceremonies, connecting with Plant Spirit, exploring sacred spaced, and making your own herbal remedy for the winter.

This retreat has been the most transformative experience I have had. The environment and scenery was beautiful. Activities that were held throughout the day helped me to heal parts of myself and create a deeper awareness of my identity.
The space felt so welcoming and safe and the food was delicious


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