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Full Moon in Aquarius Oracle reading

The full moon in Aquarius is fast approaching this weekend so it's a perfect time to see what comes up in the Oracle cards for this full moon.

I love connecting with the cards to see what messages come out around the full and new moon and as usual, I was not surprised by the cards that came out.

When the Universe has a message for us magick will happen! And just like that magick for sure happened

I asked the question: What should we know about this full moon in Aquarius?

The card that flew out of my Moonology deck was this: Full Moon in Aquarius - Show the world the real you!

Moonology oracle card
Full moon in Aquarius

Let's appreciate for one moment that the card that chose to come out for this question was exactly the full moon in Aquarius one!

But let's focus on what messages this card has for us regarding the full moon in Aquarius.

This card is here to tell us to not hide anymore and embrace the Aquarius energy and become free of our limiting beliefs. It's time to get out of our heads and lead our life more from our hearts, what makes your heart happy? Focus on that!

It's also a great reminder that change might be coming but to embrace it as it will free you from anything that is holding you back.

I decided to also pull an extra card to close the reading for this full moon and the message that came out is again perfect for this full moon coming.

This time I chose to pull the card from the Sacred Creators deck and the message that came out was:

Choose who you are becoming

Sacred Creators Oracle card
Choose who you are becoming

The message of this card is clear to really believe in yourself and letting go of those limiting beliefs in order to become your future self that version that has all those things that you are manifesting!

It is also a reminder of letting go of what no longer serves you and especially if you feel you are on a path that is not the right one, choose the one that makes your soul happy

As you see these cards messages are so related and both have a beautiful energy of new things to come.

I hope you embrace the meaning of these cards as well as the energy of this full moon in Aquarius!

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