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It's time to embrace your Magick!

Can you feel the Magick within you but don't know how to access it? Are you a Woman that wants to connect with their Feminine power or are you going through your spiritual awakening?

I am here for you, let me share my offerings to help you reconnect with yourself, with your power and your Magick!

Here I can empower you to find answers through tarot and oracle cards, release energy blocks with Reiki and Sekhem, connect you to deeply transformative Plant Spirit medicine, bring healing to your womb space, and hold space for you in our Sacred Circles!

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A long journey back to my Magick

Do you still remember when as a child you used to play in a garden making potions, connecting with Mother Nature and being fully present?
Why did we ever stop being fully present, fully ourselves?

My Journey back to myself and my magick started with my Spiritual awakening, I learned to trust my intuition, to embrace my Magick and my feminine power.

And when I was ready...I started helping others facing the same situations

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Book your free discovery call

Are you interested to find more about how we can work together? Book your free session to find out more about how I can help you access your magick, connect to your feminine power, and navigate your spiritual awakening. 

Find out more about Reiki, Oracle Readings, Shamanic Healing, Womb Healing and more!
I will guide you in a gentle meditation, followed by some Reiki energy healing and a message from the oracle cards.

Desiree is incredibly talented and has a natural gift for divination, reading future  & healing. My reading session was incredibly uplifting & informative, and thanks to Desiree’s experience she was able to answer both generic and some very specific questions.

The session provided me with a lot of clarity and information that I can practically use straight away.

I left the reading feeling uplifted, happier, informed and with much more clarity about the future - like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I would thoroughly recommend Sacred Wise Magick services to anyone


Jasmina - UK

Desiree was so at ease in our session and it felt calm... like I had carved out a little time from my day to speak about my goals and ideas and I really appreciated that. 

As someone who hadn't experienced anything like this before, I was nervous about what to expect but Desiree guided me through the session and made me feel at home and at ease. 

It was lovely to release all of my thoughts and see what the universe and her intuition was offering.

We often overthink things and doubt ourselves so this was a refreshing take on all my own self-limiting beliefs - I left feeling comforted that the universe has my back and I should believe more in my own intuition. 
Seeing Desiree open up so calmly and gracefully helped me see I could do that too.
I left with some great affirmations that were created just for me and felt special.

Pippa, M - Barbados

I've recently had 4 Reiki Distant Healing sessions with Desiree and let me tell!! It was such an amazing experience.

With her caring and patience Desiree guided me throughout my healing process, the sessions were intense and I went through a variety of emotions, I faced my fears and blockages feeling more and more powerful, peaceful, healed. I'll be definitely booking other sessions soon.

Another service that Desiree offers and that I recommend is that of Women Circles, I love participating in these events, as a woman gathering with other women, having this safe space in which I can express my thoughts and emotions freely, without fear of being judged is fantastic.

Martina, O - Italy

I found your reading so beautiful, raw and honest. It felt so relevant to my life now and I was able to resonate so much to the cards drawn.

It was so powerful for me to know that I'm heading in the right direction, despite any challenges and growth that I may experience along the way, knowing that it is all for my highest good to allow me to fully become a master in my field.
Overall, a very positive reading that reflected a lot of what I am already feeling.
So grateful to you for your time, energy and your interpretation of the cards. Loved it! Much love and light

Iman, M - UK



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Women Circle Sacred Wise Magick

Women Circle

​A Sacred Healing Space

Join me with other beautiful women in holding a healing space for each other and be guided by the energy of the New and Full moon through meditation, gratitude ritual and journaling

These sessions have limited spaces available to honour everyone's energy

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