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New Moon in Virgo Oracle Message

Dear Beloved!

We are getting closer and closer to the new moon in Virgo! A powerful moon that has a strong energy of organizing and getting things done! This has an energy or getting ready for September and new cycles.

However, this moon can also have an energy of wanting everything perfect and if it isn't, might stop us from doing what we really want to do!

Something big to remember during this new moon is to make sure you are taking time for your well-being and self-care, have you been giving yourself enough self-care? I have a perfect ritual that I will share on our in-person Women's Circle tomorrow (more on that later) but first check out the below cards for the new moon!

The energy right now

it is time to detox yourself from what is holding you back! Limiting beliefs? What you are imagining is not perfect yet? Let go of what is blocking you in order to fully receive what is meant for you!

What the cards encourage you to do

It's time to not hide anymore but to really do what you dream of doing no matter how big or small it is! The cards want you to fully go for it now! Make a plan for your next steps, if you don't know yet what you want make a plant to discover it!

What you will achieve if you listen to the cards

You get what you really want! Your hard work will pay off once you start believing in yourself and putting your energy into it! I can't wait to see it all flourish for you!

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