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New Moon in Cancer

The New moon in Cancer is here and this one will make you emotional, Cancer is a water sign it helps us connect to our emotions and our intuition as well as the feminine energy within.

This New moon is here to remind you to take time for YOURSELF. When was the last time that you really dedicated time only to yourself, when you weren't putting other people's or others' emotions before yours?

This New Moon is here to remind you that it is time for you to nurture yourself first. So I invite you to take the time to do something just for you!

New Moon in Cancer Oracle Message

I pulled this card as our message for this New Moon and what a fitting message!

this card asks us to put back the focus on ourselves, you can't live your life like you aren't the main character in it! It's time to embrace who you are and choose to embrace your magick fully.

This card also asks you to make time for self-care and for reconnecting with yourself and all emotional parts of you.

A very fitting message for this New Moon!

I Hope you embrace the energy of this New Moon Fully!

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